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Before you purchase a magnifier of any kind it is vital that you can answer positively the following questions:

Have you sought the advice of your usual local Optometrist and been told that your vision cannot be improved with conventional correction spectacles?

  • Have you been examined by an Ophthalmologist and have you been advised that your vision cannot be improved by medical or surgical treatment?
  • Have you discussed your visual difficulties with your General Practitioner and has he/she advised that no further help can be offered through medical treatment, surgery or through the prescription of conventional spectacles?

Once you have the answers to the above questions and are quite sure that you really do need to use magnifying glasses of some kind then you should continue with the advice contained in this section.

Whilst you cannot damage your vision in any way by using magnifying devices, it is important that you ensure that your vision cannot be improved by the use of conventional spectacles or medical or surgical treatment.

If in any doubt whatsoever please discuss the matter with your GP before continuing.

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