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For those people who wish to use magnification to read music, watch TV; see more clearly at the theatre, read notice boards, VDU displays, bus numbers, street signs etc. a telescope of some sort is the only option. Telescopes of up to 6x magnification can be fitted into spectacle frames or clipped onto the users own spectacles.

It is very important that anyone who uses spectacle-mounted telescopes do not attempt to walk around when wearing them. This is because telescopes have a very restricted field of view and objects will look much closer than they actually are; a flight of steps 10 or 15 metres away may be seen quite easily but a step right in front of the wearer will not be seen at all.  The exception to this rule is the Ocutech and DVI BiOptic systems or the Beecher Mirage range of spectacle binoculars.

When sitting down watching TV, or at the theatre, the less expensive - but less powerful - spectacle mounted telescopes can be quite useful because they are very light weight. 

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