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F11 - 25% Amber - Child

F11 - 25% Amber - Child

Filter Number: 11
Lens Colour: Amber
Visible Light Transmission: 25%
Protection: UV, Infrared, Blue Blocker (95%)


Macular Degeneration

Each filter colour has a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) figure, which indicates the percentage of light passing through the filter. A low value will block more light from entering the eye; a high value allows more light into the eye. You should avoid a VLT% that is too dark for your needs for safety reasons.

The amber filter has the potential to heighten contrast and relieve sensitivity to indoor lighting or on overcast days.

The child fit over (#41) is a universal size and has adjustable temples for a comfortable fit. This frame may also be suitable for a smaller than average adult. The non fit over is designed to be worn without prescription spectacles, it has a wraparound style and is available in two sizes, small and medium.

Please note: Frame images are shown in greyscale, please refer to the colour swatch above as a guide to the tint of these filters.

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F11 - 25% Amber - Child - Fit Over F11#41 - OUT OF STOCK (PLEASE CONTACT US) £51.90
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F11 - 25% Amber - Child - Small Wraparound F11#KS - OUT OF STOCK (PLEASE CONTACT US) £51.90
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F11 - 25% Amber - Child - Medium Wraparound F11#KM - OUT OF STOCK (PLEASE CONTACT US) £51.90
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