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SUNSAFE Clip-on Filter

SUNSAFE Clip-on Filter

Sunsafe filters are a range of high quality blue blocking filters that protect the eyes from harmful UV and blue light whilst enhancing contrast and providing relief from glare. 

When light passes through the lens of the eye the blue part of the spectra will spread and scatter causing a loss of contrast and sharpness. The benefit of using Sunsafe Filters is that they will block out the disturbing parts of the blue light whilst allowing the beneficial light rays to pass through the lens unaffected. 

Clinical studies have shown that the shortwave ultra violet and blue light can have a damaging effect on our vision if allowed to pass through the lens of the eye and onto the retina. The amount of damage will of course depend on the level of exposure to these light rays. Sunsafe filters will protect vision by filtering out these potentially harmful light rays. 

For those who are extremely photophobic or whose hobbies include sailing, skiing, or fishing the Sunsafe range are also available with a polarised option. 

This flip-up clip-on is suitable for spectacle wearers. 

Available in Lemon Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange Red and Red. 

Cataracts 450 or 511
Glaucoma 450 or 511
Macular Degenerations 511 or 527
Photophobia 511 or 527
Diabetic Retinopathy 527 or 550
Retinitis Pigmentosa 527 or 550

(all recommendations offered are a guide only)


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SUNSAFE Clip-on Filter - 527 Orange Red 400752 £61.68
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SUNSAFE Clip-on Filter - 550 Red 400755 £61.68
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